Saturday, August 25, 2018

Blog Introduction

Hello, people on the internet. Welcome to yet another introductory blog post.
Obviously, this blog is about RPGs. It's likely going to be discussions about systems and GMing. I'll likely share some of the mook-stat blocks that I have used in my games, races for settings that I've made, ideas on how things may shape settings, how settings shape campaigns, etc. -- basic GM-blog fare. I can't say as of yet what my post-frequency will be. I imagine that at least once every other month I will have posted and entry into the blog, but there will probably be a period of a few days where I make many posts centered around a theme or a game that I'm very excited about. If you read blogs or write blogs, you'll know what I mean. The genre of the material will vary, as well. I enjoy both science fiction (space opera, hard scifi (both conservative and radical)) and fantasy. A fun and interesting (but exhausting) genre is the fusion of fantasy and scifi. 
I have played a number of different games, including Shadowrun 5e, oWoD Vampire the Masquerade, D&D 4e (once). I have run Pathfinder and GURPS. I don't particularly enjoy running Pathfinder anymore since it can too easily become too much of a crunchy war-game catered to rules-lawyers and power-gamers, but I'm not turning my nose up at it -- I still play it occasionally. I have been running a fantasy GURPS game for roughly half a year at this point and I have been preparing various GURPS games, ranging from a TL 9 radical hard scifi game based, roughly, on a combination of The Expanse and Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy. I have also been investigating several other systems, including Stu Venable's Moment of Truth RPG, Basic RolePlayingBurning Wheel, and the various incarnations of Traveller, but primarily the Cepheus Engine (CE). CE has been my new shiny, of late, so you can expect a few posts on how I have been hacking the system. You might see a post on how not to hack, when you might realize you're making redundant changes.
I have a blog besides this one that basically serves the same function. I've decided to switch most of my content over to Blogger, though. The blog is the Lumaras Chronicle. It's named after the world I first created for a Pathfinder campaign. I still run games in that world, though they're in GURPS now. I have been putting out a slow but steady stream of content mostly based around Lumaras. As I got interested in other genres and games, though, I started posting about those interests as well. Finally, I've decided to start a separate blog about RPGs and my other games. I'll leave the Lumaras Chronicle to Lumaras, as well as the odd tiny posts as befits tumblr. I might include a few posts about Lumaras on this blog, but they will likely: be a broader overview of a portion of the setting, focus on the systematic aspects of the setting, or be the result of my decision to abandon tumblr completely and reroute its content here (not sure how likely that is, though -- tumblr has a purpose to save).
Finally, I feel I should explain what "Provinto" is. It's an alias I've been using for a year or two. Well, that was quick. It's esperanto and means "one who has tried." Sound bleak? Well, what can I say? At least I tried.

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