Tuesday, June 4, 2019

OSRIC Spell Tables for Knave(s)

These tables are for generating the spells that a party of Knaves might find in their adventures. The spells are for OSRIC. Once I determine what class the spell is from and what level it is, I roll a d10 to determine which spell it is from the “Spells by Level” section in the Spells chapter of OSRIC.

Spell Type by Class
1d6 Class
1-3 Magic-User
4 Illusionist
5 Cleric
6 Druid
Spell Level
2d6 Percentage Chance Spell Level
2-6 41.67 One
7 16.67 Two
8 13.89 Three
9 11.11 Four
10 8.33 Five
11 5.56 Six
12 2.78 Seven

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